What Makes Us Special?


Qualiad is the advanced hyper targeting tracking and analytic system we developed in house, to facilitate user acquisition for games and mobile applications. Qualiad's algorithm was tailored toward Facebook and provides superior LTV prediction by using a mixture of creative advertising and user cluster targeting.

Qualiad Values

Web and Mobile Tracking

Post Conversion Analysis.

Real-Time Data Analysis

LTV Prediction

Identify Creative Impact Factors

Targeting Creative & Clusters Match

Creative Studio

Our creative teams are fast learners with avid, creative imaginations. Every single one of them possesses hefty experience in the gaming industry, particularly in app optimization and user cluster targeting. These enable them to develop new ideas that seize and maintain the attention of apt gamers! We developed an excellent creative based market strategy that utilizes our database to target the most pertinent audience out there!

Our Strengths

Unique Design per Application

Video Ads

Experienced Graphic Designers

Creative Adjustment Based on Advanced Analytics

Innovative Approach