Frequently Asked Questions


No worries. Generic elements are suggested as default, but can be replaced easily by uploading your own materials by clicking the upload icon to the right of each gallery.
Please note to follow the specific restrictions and consider using a reduction tool beforehand.

Please check if the material you uploaded is following the size restrictions that are presented at each gallery.

Having a CTA button at the end card is mandatory in order to upload your playable ad to the networks. You can customize the CTA and control the size by the scroller, but the moment it is not optional to relocate to another position on the screen.

No problem. You can leave the relevant text box empty.

Sure thing. You can hit the relevant switch button to exclude the specific store badge. If you want to add other store badges, you can upload independently to the designated store badge gallery, please follow the size restrictions.

Certain platforms require these stores links, therefore it needs to be filled. If you do not have a specific store link, please fill another destination URL.

A loading screen is mandatory for uploading a playable ad on the networks. To adjust it more to your taste, you can customize it in the relevant tab.

At the moment you can upload your own files, each file has its own purpose and position.

At the moment no, we are working on it. You are able to control the game difficulty at some templates.

Great! You can click the “Save/sync” button on the “Preview” screen, it will automatically create a saved version under the original default version you have been working on. You can then edit and visit your playable.

You can click the “Duplicate” button on the “Preview” screen. It will create a duplication of the version you are at now and then you can edit it as you like.

No problem. At the corner of the “Preview” screen you have two orientation icons.
The top icon will rotate the preview to landscape and portrait view, while the other icon is responsible for the mobile and tablet mode adjustments.

There are only text boxes for Android and iOS store links due to the network’s requirements. Your users will be transferred to the relevant store link provided in the campaign you set the playable ad going.

We are always open to feedback, please share it with us via or at the form section below.