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In the past six years we have mastered Facebook to perfectly promote variety of game genres and mobile applications. We developed an in depth analysis method to successfully create the perfect match between games and the right audience.


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The world is shifting toward mobile and majority of the engaged users use Mobile devices for their daily needs. Take advantage of our clever media buying, our data based technology as well as our years of experiences with a superior LTV for each operating system and devices.


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The Team

We sign up young and fresh minds! Out of the box thinking is what we do best. We enjoy life and love what we do!

Itay Hakuki

Founder and CEO

With more than 10 years of online marketing experience, Itay is an entrepreneur at heart who loves nothing more than a media challenge to solve. At his free time, Itay loves to travel and has a passion for surfing the waves and riding bikes.

Guy Barel

VP of User Acquisition

Guy is the coolest geek around. He is an engineer, specialises in big data and an expert of all things pertaining to online marketing. With more than 9 years of UA experience under his belt, Guy is a proficient marketer that provides the added value to boost ROI. In his free time, he manages a local bar in Tel Aviv.

Ori Ripp

Head of Business Development

Ori is a people person who manages the business development and sales at Liniad. Ori's passion is visiting marketing conference and you'll always find something to talk about with him as he is curious by nature and open to learning new things. Ori is an avid PC gamer, practices martial arts and cycles.

Idan Petel

Head of R&D

From tracking system to data algorithms and BI tools, Idan has an exceptional mind for constantly improving the User Acquisition process. Idan is also obsessed with open space singing, enjoys skydiving and bungee jumping around the world.

Recent Projects

Island Experiment

Island Experiment is a strategy game taking place on a mysterious island where a group of scientists must clear the land and discover the mystery behind the fallen satellite. LiniAd more than doubled the depositors' ratio within four weeks of beginning optimization!


OMG! Fortune is a fun and fast-paced application focusing on playing slots and “slot-machine-type” games like bingo and scratch cards. After tailor made creatives were applied to each game level, user engagement improved by a whopping 63%

Lucky Fish
Stormfall: Rise of Balur

Stormfall: Rise of Balur™ is a mobile application which follows the mold of other turn based strategy games and allows you to attack enemies, forge alliances and gather resources as you keep your castle safe from the never ending oncoming enemy hordes! You must do this whilst simultaneously creating an empire, so playing this game is a very fun balancing act. Using predefined custom audience as well as lookalike lists for each mobile device and operating system, we were able to increase the depositor ratio by 120%!

Throne Rush

Throne Rush is an epic strategy game that allows players to rule their own kingdoms, bringing prosperity to their own people whilst destroying their enemies in order to plunder their wealth. We used our analysis of the perfect match of user cluster and targeted creative to improve the ARPU by an incredible 159%!


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