Why UA Teams NEED a Third Party

So, your app is ready and you now need to push it out into the world. You have your UA team, some talented designers in place and boom, time to make those winning ads and bring in those paying users, easy enough, right? Not so much. Most app marketers struggle to make their ads gain traction as they find themselves in a sea of familiar and unfamiliar competition. Even with the perfect in house UA team, app marketers suffer some common gripes which make them underperform.

The Three Core Struggles

Objectivity – & Outdated Strategies: Like any other industry, objective feedback is often essential to help change and growth in app marketing – this applies in full force to UA teams. Sticking to in-house opinions, based solely on past performance can prove hazardous to current and future campaigns – there is a very real danger of blocking off from trends and insights that could really put your app ahead of the competition. Objective and external feedback is constantly needed to keep up with the market – what made team performance soar a year ago may no longer be relevant. The UA auction ecosystem is an ever changing one, algorithms are constantly shifting and new tools are continuously being introduced – staying in the moment and up to date is key for success and is not always achievable when relying solely on an in house team.

Zooming Out : With one key product to push out, UA teams tend to overanalyze and over index focus. Without zooming out and seeing the bigger picture (how the product fits in the wider app ecosystem) UA teams face real dangers of not being able to see cause and effect – what challenges are specific to a title and which are specific to the wider market…and can therefore affect every title. Zooming out is critical to see larger data sets to inject back into UA strategies. 

Creative Help: UA teams pride themselves on pushing out the best possible ads from in house designers featuring the best possible creatives, yet they often struggle to push through, and this can often be down to poor performing creative asset combinations. Facebook and the like are continuously updating their back end to try and hack this formula, but success is far from guaranteed. Creative testing is a key success factor – finding those winning creative combinations is key to pulling in users. 

Bring In the Big Guns

The above core struggles are part of a wider set of reasons that warrant working with a third party specialist to help surge UA efforts. Working with a UA and creative focussed entity often proves highly effective and has the power to ensure your in house operations are running just as they should be for optimum performance – even the best in house teams need external support.  

Paid UA is a high stakes game, and with so much on the line, a third party specialist can assist enormously. The right player can provide: access to market data that can effectively and properly benchmark UA efforts; the ability to tap into a framework to guarantee success incorporating process, best practises, data insights and resources; access to creative specialists backed with the right kind of AI to really give your UA that winning edge over the closest of competition. 

It is critical to bring in the right third party based on your goals. The most common goals are based on UA and creatives. Creative expertise alone can greatly assist pushing your ads past the rest and can be the tipping point of success, particularly as the app ecosystem moves forward and slowly starts automating every possible UA element. Creative assets are often viewed as the only app element still in the hands of the app advertiser, so it makes sense to really make them count. Liniad’s creative team, for example, has provided hundreds of clients a unique advantage in supporting UA, bringing unprecedented creative talent grounded by the right amount of data for best possible performance – there’s a reason these kinds of agencies are kept on long term. 

App marketing can be a minefield. Creative testing alone can cannibalise so much precious time of in-house teams. There is no shame whatsoever in bringing in a specialist third party to deal with specialist elements – this is after all how the big boys play.

As the madness of 2021 continues to unfold, the app marketing ecosystem is revealing surprise punch after punch – surely now more than ever is the time to arm yourself with everything you have… which includes the perfect third party that can help you smash your goals. 

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