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Engagement Boosts Ad Ranking and Results

Monthly Budget


Banditos, Indie mobile games developer, was looking to efficiently acquire new users at scale while reducing key conversion costs and meeting ROAS goals to maintain profit margins for their turn-based strategy game Five Heroes: The King’s War.


Liniad based it’s initial trailers on key features that have proven themselves time & time again in the strategy/RPG domain. The trailer was launched on all of Facebook platforms in August 2019 and quickly caught the attention of users, who were intrigued to see whether these key features would be displayed in the actual game, and if so, how? Liniad was quick to recognize the growing trend of user comments and engaged in conversation with the potential users, this quickly evolved into a Q/A recommendations session and fun chat with the game audience which resulted in the posts receiving high engagement ranks from FB Ads Manager and ultimately trending.


1. Banditos were able to maintain a stable spend growth,
increasing by +300% during 10 months.
2. Banditos were able to achieve profitable margins while
scaling their marketing activity.
3. The game’s user base expanded up to X3 times for the initial point
in which the UA activity started.

Client testimonial

“ Liniad’s team substantially influenced our activity right from the start. We have tripled our budget while maintaining close to 100% MTD ROI. Moreover, their vast UA knowledge in the RPG vertical, coupled with extensive creative know-how, helped push our marketing campaigns efficiency and performance to amazing new heights.“

Elad LebovitchFounder & Game Designer

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