Improving UA Performance
with Data-Driven Creative Process



Huuuge Games’ main goal was to increase ROAS performance for 7 days since the user installs. Liniad looked to improve user acquisition performance by optimizing its video with A\B testing for different creative factors.


Liniad created several videos, differentiated by 4 factors (about 15 versions were tested):
1. Primary & secondary color schemes.
2. Texts & call to action buttons.
3. Opening scenes.
4. Video size.
Creatives were tested with Facebook A \ B Testing, each test evaluating a specific different factor while looking for the best videos in terms of CPI and impression-to-install rate.


The top-performing tested videos were pushed further in additional campaigns. During their activity, they’ve reached ROAS higher by 26% and a CPI lower by 56% compared to the rest of the traffic.

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