Optimizing Instagram Performance
with Customized Campaign & Creative

CPI for IG
ROAS was 78% higher than IG’s average


Pixel Federation’s goal was to achieve high ROAS to the Sea Port game app. Liniad identified Instagram performance was trending and looked to capitalize on its potential, deriving more revenue from that source by customizing top-performing Facebook creatives into Instagram creatives.


Liniad customized its top-performing Facebook creative to better fit the Instagram platform and users. The original short engaging video was changed from 1:1 ratio to a vertical 4:5 ratio with an engaging text, following Instagram’s best practices. The creative was combined with high-value user targeting, and Facebook value optimization to reach high LTV users. The campaign was published only on Instagram.


The campaign outperformed previous benchmarks – ROAS was 78% higher than Instagram’s average, while the CPI decreased by 30%. Targeting only Instagram users diversified and expanded the game’s user base and revenue stream, increasing profits for all the marketing activity.

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